Assigning Lessons

Auto Assigning Lessons
Different frequency in month, week, day and one-time course arrangement
Private Lessons
1 on 1 courses, flexible scheduling.
Weekly, monthly, day by day to display different schedules, view specific teachers, classrooms, class schedule, by drag and drop to change arrangements.
Conflict handling
If there is a conflict between teachers, students and classrooms when arranging a course, you will be prompted to avoid the wrong schedule.

students management

Student registration
Can be registered in the field with the iPad, by the staff in the desktop or mobile APP registration
Students Management
Students can arrange classes, recharge, payment, check-in, etc., for a variety of student-related issues.
Payment History
At any time inquiries students pay, renewals, refund, recharge records, and replacement electronic receipt.

Resource management

Class Management
Create classes, arrange classes, make up classes, auditions, transfer classes, sign in, class date and time, set class teachers, classrooms and so on.
Teachers management
SMS invitation teacher, custom teacher permissions, teacher scheduling, the teacher sign, class records and so on.
Classroom Management
Row to the classroom occupy the time, class automatically consider classroom conflict factors, according to the classroom display class schedule.
Compus Management
Can set up a number of sub-district, management campus, set campus user groups, define different user groups, such as different permissions.

Financial Management

Income and expenditure details
By trainee, by class, by date accurate search for each record.
Monthly summary
Monthly summary into a monthly report.
Renew fee reminder
Customize the number of days or class ahead of time reminders, no longer forget to renew students.
Electronic receipt and invoice
Charges, refund, recharge can choose whether to automatically send electronic receipt, check with parents in the future can also resend electronic receipt at any time.

Cross-platform operation

Can be signed by the principal, but also by the teacher to the student sign.
Academic authority
Set different groups to faculty, assign different authorities to different groups, and also set up administrator groups to give higher authorities.
Notice and announcement
According to the scope of the announcement, the system automatically notify students and teachers by mail or SMS.
Mobile micro official website
Convenient to students, parents know your school information via mobile.

Operations and Admissions

School lists
Includes the most comprehensive educational institution in the area, so that students and parents can find your school immediately while looking for a school.

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